3:22 PM

As a resident of Milwaukee,WI(home to the next democratic convention). I nominate Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, I wish I could nominate the entire city and county government.. This guy is a piece of work. Crime has done nothing but increase throughout the city. To the point that it’s moved out further into nearby the Read more

9:41 PM

Packers should just refuse to come back out for the second half. Two players injured so far due to the terrible field conditions.

3:58 PM

I just got a new Kona limited with AWD and the turbocharged engine. I had an Elantra, but that thing was terrible in the Wisconsin winters. The Kona has better suspension, more powerful engine, and the AWD is going to come in handy when we get our almost daily 6 inches of snow. It just drives better than my previous Read more

1:37 PM

Just got a Hyundai Kona Limited last month. I had an Elantra but it was terrible in the snow. I now have AWD, a sportier vehicle with a turbo, a better drive over the pothole roads of Wisconsin, more cargo space, and a nicer interior. Gas mileage is a little worse, but that’s the trade off.  For what I got for the Read more

5:46 PM

So the Kia version of my Hyundai Kona? By the way, a nice little crossover. Wife would let me get the Iron Man Edition, so I had to settle for the limited with the turbo and AWD :(

1:43 PM

Oh this is easy! The mayor of Milwaukee is trying to ram through an expansion of the downtown street car line so is gets finished by the time the DNC is here. So not only is the current system, that just opened, not making any money, a casino a paying for free rides for the first year. But the rest of the Read more

8:23 PM

Hoping these were shirts with the original lineups so I could rock the brad lohas and blue Edwards bucks shirt for the playoffs

Hoping these were shirts with the original lineups so I could rock the brad lohas and blue Edwards bucks shirt for

8:43 PM

Actually the GT was the worst one to buy. It had 230hp, but you could, like I did, buy the the turbo light version for at least $3000 less. It had 180hp, but then add the stage 1 turbo kit that was available like in the neon for $400 and that took it to 250hp. 20hp more than the GT with all the same options as the Read more

5:50 PM

So the new pitching rule was made to stop the small market Brewers from being successful. Got it! God forbid a small market team finds away to be successful and compete against teams with large salaries and large television audiences.

1:13 PM

They are based off of the the old Mecca Arena court design

1:24 PM

In the Midwest we have 1 weekend of nice weather an its all “look how hot it is! It’s global warming!” It’s now a high of 59 in Milwaukee and will be cold once again. This is after another year of endless winter.

8:30 AM

There’s a few problems with a $100-200 a year registration fee. One is that you think gang members and criminals that already illegally obtained and use guns are going to register them? That isn’t going to happen. Second is that law abiding people such as hunters will then be hurt by this fee. In Wisconsin deer Read more

8:09 PM

Since Jen Bielema tweeted #karma in September 2013 after Wisconsin’s controversial loss at Arizona State; Wisconsin is 50-12, Arkansas is 26-34. He thought he was better than the program. Now look at him, jobless and 2 years away from being on My 600lb Life. Read more

1:01 PM

Not only did the ref screw this up by not ejecting him, later in the game the Bears destroyed the packer’s punter and no flag because they said the Bears got a piece of the ball. Unfortunately, no Bear’s player was withing 2 feet of the ball when it was can off the punter’s foot.

1:01 PM

I mean god forbid people actually get to keep the money they earned. It’s not the government’s money, it’s the people’s money. The article also fails to mention the doubling of the standard deduction which should lower people’s taxes even.

7:19 PM

What are the players protesting at this point? It’s been so diluted down. Stay with me on this. First Kap was kneeling to protest ALL police and the treatment of minorities. Then this year players sat or knelt to protest general racial inequality . Then some sat or knelt and/or stood arm in arm protesting to Read more

5:44 PM

What Are they supporting? Kap has been given offers reportedly, but he turned them down because he wouldn’t be the starting qb. He’s not a starter, maybe for a terrible team but he’s a backup.

3:38 PM

Since obama care started my insurance costs thru work have doubled, For my family, I’m paying almost $1000 a month now in total. And I used to have a $2000 deductible and meds would be covered. Now I have a $3000 deductible and nothing is covered except for yearly checkups. Everything is out of pocket, even meds, Read more