11/28/17 10:36AM

Hey, dammit! I spent 210 hours in the first month playing D2 and got bored with it! That’s BUNGIE’S FAULT, DAMMIT! So I now have a lot of free time to bitch on Reddit!

11/27/17 3:45PM

The Destiny community is garbage. It’s like they instantly forgot all the actual improvements made with Destiny 2, like being able to track public events or fast travel to different areas of the map. Or the presence of a map at all.

11/27/17 1:44PM

I’m totally fine with discussing the game’s problems - and it does have a number of them - but holy shit has the Destiny community become insufferable lately. I used to love going to the subreddit but it’s just so insanely negative these days. Bungie’s lack of transparency certainly hasn’t helped but man, it’s scary Read more

9/22/17 12:28AM

Well spoken, though in a time where the Speaker is gone, the need for New Monarchy’s focus on a new leader is vital.

2/05/16 10:15AM

Yes but if I don’t get my creepy blurry lines of consent mini-game, the ess jay double yews have destroyed my freedum and political correctness will send all of our dogs to the gallows

1/21/16 5:23PM

I feel like this is one of those articles where I’m going to check back randomly tommorrow and suddenly have like 20 well-actuallys or so.