Clearance Bin Review
Mar 24 2016

I wonder about Suicide Squad though... How much of the excitement for the trailer is just the design of logos and artwork and the slapping on of Queen in there versus... the actual content of the trailer? Because I didn’t really see anything of the actual movie in the trailer that grabbed my attention... at least, not Read more

Nov 4 2015

I like the show as well (by the way, linking to a single negative review on your own site isn’t exactly conclusive proof that the show is objectively “terrible”). Unfortunately, the Muppets are one of those things that fans feel very proprietary about, and so no one’s going to be very happy with any new version. Even Read more

Nov 4 2015

Anybody who doesn’t laugh at Swedish Chef Karaoke is dead inside.

Nov 4 2015

Wait... what? My wife and I have watched all the episodes so far and think it’s freaking hilarious - as do pretty much everyone else we know who’s seen the show. Is the popular opinion that it’s bad? Why? All the celebrity cameos mixed in with modern-day humor seems to work perfectly IMO. If I had a single complaint Read more

Jul 16 2015

There’s just something off about Apoc. Like, he reminds me off Ivan Ooze, kind of. Maybe it’ll look better on the screen.

Jul 6 2015

I realize it’s not sci-fi but it’s an ode to fans of Kevin Smith’s movies up to that point:

May 29 2015

I know it’s pretty much tradition at this point to include Steve Trevor, but it strikes a serious chord of “meh” in me. I’m not going to see Wonder Woman on the big screen for romance, y’know?

May 19 2015

I feel much better about my closely-guarded, life-long secret belief that lobster tastes like bland shrimp crossed with peas that have been boiled way too long. Read more

Mar 11 2015

I think that people severely underestimate the amount of effort that goes into fixing a software bug. A bug is found and, hours later, people are wondering where the patch is. Read more

Feb 11 2015

I remain kind of undecided on whether I want to see Miles as the film Spiderman. On the one hand I fucking LOVE the character. On the other, I still think his relationship with Peter Parker is a key part of his story. You could definitely take that out but I think you would lose some of what makes him special. Peter Read more

Feb 10 2015

I've always felt that the "mutants as social outcasts" plot line just doesn't work in a world where other superheroes are popular. Having the X-Men as their own thing at least makes it internally consistent.

Jan 28 2015

That was my first thought as well about McCarthy. I can see it now a ghost jumps the gate and she stumbles and bumbles her way after it because you know fat people are funny.