Clearance Bin Review
Jul 7 2016

Since we know that clones and androids exist in the Alien universe they could hand waive Alien 3 away as not the real Ripley and another Bishop unit. Alien Resurrection took place so far ahead of the other movies and starred a clone so need to even explain that one.

Jun 13 2016

I have no doubt I’m in the minority here but I actually liked Warcraft. It’s not great, by any means, but it’s a lot of fun and incredibly entertaining. Sometimes you want a summer blockbuster to just be a good time and Warcraft definitely was for me.

Apr 14 2016

I always go to movies at AMC on Saturday or Sunday mornings (like 10 am showing). Smaller crowds, usually mostly people like myself (though you do risk some poor parent with 5 kids just hoping for an hour and a half of peace, it being a weekend) and the tickets are $5.50 for that showing.

I also tend to avoid snacks Read more

Apr 11 2016

Something about the way they are discussing this sounds like maybe (big maybe) we’re going to get an end credits scene after Cap 3 if things are signed in time.

Mar 21 2016

A Hawkeye show could be fun, but I think the character would be better used adding weight to one of the existing shows. I.e. have him help out on an episode of Agents of Shield or maybe Daredevil interrupts a Hawkeye mission and the two fight it out. In the end it can be how The Avengers even know about him/The Read more

Mar 17 2016

I’m confused. You’re telling me that Captain America is on the side that says “We should punish people before they’ve done anything wrong,” but that makes no damn sense to me.

Jan 20 2016

Really don’t get the excitement for this. The trailer is a rip-off of Guardian’s marketing, only it looks like they tried to make a “fun” trailer from a movie with only a handful of actually fun moments and then there is Harley. I was really excited that she was getting a big screen version finally and this just made Read more

Nov 12 2015

I took Egyptian Mythology in college because seriously, why not? I’d watch the hell out of a movie that was based on it (there are so few compared to Greek!) but this just looks... awful. The worse part is that I know a ton of people will literally have this, Ancient Aliens and Ben Carson quotes making up a Read more

Nov 8 2015

I agree with this mostly because I want to see a proper Alien vs. Predator where it takes place in the future, in space, with Colonial Marines stuck in the middle. You know, what the vast majority of the super AvP popular media and games have been based on.

I want to see marines fighting predators, predators finding Read more

Nov 4 2015

Like many others have voiced, I am really enjoying a new take on The Muppets and have found myself laughing, genuinely laughing at this show several times an episode.

I think some people need to stop viewing the Muppets through nostalgia glasses. I’ve gone back and re-watched the old TV show. It had moments, and was Read more

Nov 2 2015

This show has a very hard line to walk. It has to appeal to fans of the decades of TV that has come before while capturing an entirely new audience.
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Aug 25 2015

Between the need for such a climax and Chris Evans contract, I’d put some money on Steve Rodgers going down in the Infinity War. He’ll go down swinging though.

Aug 14 2015

I think you’re underselling his performance of Captain America. His comedic timing and delivery alone is fantastic. He makes Captain America a character you like and can even relate to rather than the somewhat annoying uber-boyscout the character has been in many past representations.

Aug 6 2015

Personally I say Fox can keep X-Men. The X-Men comics, while I loved them as a kid, have always felt far more separate from the rest of Marvel minus Wolverine popping up in everything. X-Men’s biggest theme of bigotry towards them always feels odd in a world full of super powered beings that is the Marvel Universe Read more

Aug 4 2015

This. Pacific Rim promised us a b-movie premise with blockbuster visuals and they gave us this, in spades. I know Pacific Rim is dumb and the characters are one dimensional and all the “talky” bits are really just to get us to robots punching monsters in the face, and I don’t care. I love every single bit of it. I Read more

Jul 8 2015

You mean a 50 year old woman who unexpectedly loses her husband and is the primary caretaker of a teenager can’t have money problems?

Jul 7 2015

He needs to quickly record every possible word and part of a word so his audio can forever be cut as needed. This seems like a reasonable request.

Jul 3 2015

I really like the “I think we should call The Avengers” part. So many of the indivdual movies since The Avengers has kind of ignored that there’s this super powerful team in their universe that could possibly help in this situation (they tend to acknowledge their existence but don’t ever think of calling them) so it’s Read more

Jul 3 2015

So apparently they have switched gears and are now marking Fantastic Four to a much younger audience. Have we seen pop music show up much in a super hero movie promo since the early 2000’s? Also, pantsless Thing didn’t need to happen and I can’t get that image out of my head now.