Aug 21 2017

I got the impression the chains were made out of ice

Aug 2 2017

13: Not just those two songs, but the whole damn soundtrack. I still listen to it. And now I’m hearing all the songs in my head. Whelp, off to my CD playlist...

Jun 24 2017

That creature is phenomenal, far better than that boring Indominus Rex, they should have used that in Jurassic World

Apr 10 2017

Promiscuity is the opposite of sexual selection. So no, it makes perfect sense that promiscuity would reduce the impact of sexual selection on speciation. Speciation happens when genes are isolated and diverge, birds boning whoever all over the place keeps those genes well mixed and relatively homogeneous.

Mar 27 2017

Yeah, you’ve got a point. But there are two strains of sci-fi horror, and while Life epitomises the naff ‘Cave Man Sci Fi’ one, there is another that is far more subtle and nuanced. Read more

Dec 14 2016

> Ultimately, males probably started realizing how much work it is to go around hooking up with so many females, when they can just keep one on the hook in the cave and attempt to impregnate her every day. Read more

Dec 1 2016

That same thought crossed my mind. She looks like Emo-Tep.

Nov 8 2016

You aren’t alone - I LOVE this movie. I felt the tone was a little uneven, but loved pretty much everything about it.

Oct 31 2016

Well, I think it’s a bit more nuanced than that. Because it’s really saying that if something remarkable is believed, even if it’s not true, and if that belief could affect the value or salability of the property, then you have to disclose it.

Oct 4 2016

Don’t ask me why, totally thrilled about this article. One of the things I’m most struck by, as someone who had to take a healthy dose of art history courses, is that I remember being struck by what seemed like overly-fanciful bushy, weepy trees in so many paintings. And now I suspect they were perhaps these lovely Read more

Aug 30 2016

Neeson and McGregor are kind of universally heralded as one of the better parts of those movies, or am I making that up? lol

Aug 9 2016

Sounds like a plan. You can even (sort of) legitimately call it a “sports drink”.

Jul 25 2016

So you want to breed rats stronger and deadlier? There’s no way that’s going to go wrong...

Jul 5 2016

Can I get clarification on whether or not the panda in an ice cream cone is real.