Cameron Gidari
Dec 13 2016

Hey Deadspin, you accidentally posted someone’s shitty Reddit comment as an article.

Nov 14 2016

What was the purpose of this post other than mental illness click bait? “Look, here’s a guy who hit rock bottom, how fascinating!” No context, no story, just “funny weird picture that will get us traffic.” He’s not in the public eye anymore so definitely not newsworthy. I love Deadspin but come on, this is the kind of Read more

Sep 8 2016

Given the explicit thoughtful statements of Doug Baldwin in the Seattle Times (linked, and partially excerpted by Barry Petchesky), your comment seems unnecessarily dismissive. Read more

Jul 6 2016

Did you guys know that Wilson was drafted in the 3rd round because NFL scouts thought he was too short to be a successful NFL quarterback?

May 9 2016

Every ump who ejects someone for arguing balls and strikes deserves a fuck you.

Apr 3 2016

Do we get a lesbian vibe from an openly gay woman? Yeah, we kinda do.

Mar 11 2016

Because he’s the best hitter who ever lived and the idea of him imparting his knowledge to a new generation of players is a wonderful thing.

Feb 18 2016

It’s also incredibly condescending to not play against someone and stop trying. It’s a fine line between ridiculing someone (not putting back an easy rebound or avoiding an obvious lane for a layup) and trying to keep the score reasonable. And what if the team just wasn’t getting back on defence?

Jan 27 2016

The only thing worse than Seattle’s use of “12th man” is Texas A&M making a very commonly expressed phrase proprietary.

Jan 10 2016

Seriously? Has Russell Wilson’s faith ever hurt anyone? I mean, if that’s going to be your criteria for deciding who to root for, I think the choice between a guy who beats a child and a guy who is a little too pious is pretty easy...

Dec 24 2015

Your analogy would work better if weren’t for, well, white supremacist Cardinals fans.

Nov 5 2015

“Candidate Responds To email Like a Real Person; Has no comment on how he will recover from this incredible misstep.”

Oct 5 2015

Last time I checked excessive celebration is a penalty in the National Football League act like you been there before Clay Matthews, you’re a role model for children everywhere and you are acting like you never been there before and the little Millennials are eating it up I worked in the school system for thirty seven Read more

Sep 24 2015

He has funny hair and he flips out when he hits a home run. He puts on a lot of eye black. He expresses a lot of confidence in his abilities, which is absurd because has he ever really done anything to warrant that confidence (haven’t paid attention at all this year, how’s it going for him?). He gets really excited Read more