Cameron Gidari
Oct 6 2017

It’s free on Xbox Games with Gold right now too, and it’s one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I’ve had over the past couple of years. It’s really really good.

Jun 14 2017

I bought one. No apologies. Fyre Festival was the most fun I’ve had on Twitter all year.

Jun 8 2017

Sure. But if I need to go to the dentist for a teeth cleaning but also need to afford heart surgery, I’m probably going to go to a less expensive dentist and use the money I save to pay for my surgery.

Jun 7 2017

Laying my cards on the table as 1) a huge Seahawks homer, 2) someone who generally agrees that Kap is being blacklisted, and 3) someone who was rooting for the Seahawks to sign him. Read more

Feb 19 2017

“Masculinity” and “femininity” are entirely constructed by society and absurdly arbitrary. There are some cultures where no one looks twice when male friends hold hands. There are cultures where men where dresses or kilts. Gender is entirely different than a person’s sex, gender is learned traits reinforced by Read more

Oct 2 2016

Anytime someone describes Hillary as ‘center-right’, it’s safe to tune out everything they say after.

Oct 1 2016

Almost like there’s some sort of unprecedented national peaceful protest that has transcended through multiple sports and professional levels.

Jul 23 2016

The majority of MMA writers do it for free or very little money because they love the sport. So of course they’d love to go in house at the biggest MMA promotion in the world.

May 13 2016

The distinction - and it is an important one - is that successful people work hard to put themselves in positions to be lucky. The people I know who complain about being unlucky usually do nothing to improve their circumstance, they keep doing the same thing and wonder why everyone around them keep getting lucky. Read more

Apr 5 2016

Or a team with a lineup of Griffey, ARod, and Edgar Martinez that couldn’t get to the World Series...

Apr 4 2016

It’s actually the most Mariners loss ever. I say that as a life-long Mariners fan.

Mar 15 2016

That was such a veteran move on Jericho’s part. He knew exactly what to do in that situation, and protected Neville as best he could. Especially asking for the mic afterwards so that the focus would stay on him, that’s some impressive quick thinking in the heat of the moment.

Mar 4 2016

From everything you watched/ read in this article, THAT’S your takeaway?

Feb 27 2016

Go back and look at how many high school kids died playing football last year. Now go back and look at how many people died doing MMA, then get back to us.

Jan 11 2016

Because your ‘superstar’ running back laid an egg. When your offense puts up zero TDs in a home playoff game, you don’t deserve to win in the first place.

Jan 10 2016

Punters are usually the holders on FG attempts, and their holder is a big reason why they missed that kick.

Jan 9 2016

Exactly this. Mayweather could be white, blue, black, or pink, and people would still think he’s a garbage person... because he is.

Jan 7 2016

They’re enamored with Dirk Koetter? The same Koetter that led ASU to a 21-28 conference record? Good luck Bucs fans, you’re on for a long couple of seasons...

Dec 28 2015

Ya man, I hate that west coast media bias. Always covering the Cardinals while ignoring small-market teams like the Patriots.