Brad Isaac

I'd guess in my experience system restore works 75% of the time. It must be enabled (of course). Once it is enabled, it works as a last ditch effort to fix things that went bad in the past day or two. Go back a few weeks and it's less reliable.

good one. Never saw that before.

@infmom: I think it really depends on what you are OCRing though. Reports that use multiple fonts tend to not convert as well for me. Also, PDFs are a problem too. YMMV

I picked up a copy of Omnipage 17 Standard on sale one day. So far the recognition has been less than stellar. If you are just doing a page or two, it's not bad. But doing a whole report with charts and tables, it might be easier to just retype the document. Read more

I gotta admit, simple, but brilliant. Wish I thought of it. :)

Just a quick note about Windows 7. You may need to right click L.M.A. and choose "Run as Administrator" if you have your UAC set to protect system services.

@Eric Schauberger: I believe wasps and yellowjackets are ground dwellers so having the nesting above ground would likely prevent it. (I only know this because I was attacked alot last summer.) Read more

I wonder if a leather stropping wheel (that one would use for knife sharpening would do as good a job?)

@tc4001: I used to be an Opera fanatic in the early 90s. They lost a lot of steam when Firefox started making strides in the browser market. Read more

Looks like something I'd enjoy coding gadgets for. Is the API available yet? Read more

Another vote for Malwarebytes - great software

@tim d: You might also like the text-to-speech feature too. Hit Ctrl-V I think (I'm in FF now)

@gpzbc: I'm with you. I used to be an Opera fanatic. But the past few years, it has had problems keeping up with the extensions and web compatibility standards of FF.

Very nice theme! thank you for sharing.

That's how I normally upgrade it

Any word about if it fixes Exchange subfolders sync problems?

@Santoroski: By stopping the video, it stops the sound too. Could be an error with your flash player.