Dec 14 2016

Wait, wait, wait. The New Day are now the longest reigning Tag Team in WWE history. For about half of their run, they were heels that worked to get cheap heat from the crowds until they started their babyface run about a year ago. That doesn’t seem like they aren’t taken seriously. A comedy tag-team is something like Read more

Nov 14 2016

This guy’s entire shtick seems to be judging old games by modern standards and its funny because he is angry. The arguments he gives are pretty weak.

Nov 9 2016

I recommend Not Your Father’s Root Beer, which is beer that tastes like Root Beer. I should inform you that it’s a beer that you should sip as it does have a bitter aftertaste otherwise.

Oct 28 2016

Damn, you ok fam? Mad cause a Japanese man in his late 50s says pineapple pen?

Oct 24 2016

Trying to find him a home would be a terrible waste. What you’ve got to do is find a nice, semi-well travelled trail in the woods, then find a little clearing off to the side and prop him up so that he’s not 100% visible, but still visible enough. Then, one day, while you won’t be around to see it, you might stand a Read more

Oct 24 2016

Haha, right? Fucking weirdo and their non existent love lives. What they need to do is stop being so weird and maybe a girl will find them attractive. Hahaha! Read more

Oct 24 2016

The most unrealistic thing which gives it away right from the start, is the idea of anyone that obsessed with Slender Man having a girl friend for that long.

Sep 10 2016

He thinks Gizmoduck was called Roboduck. I think it’s fair to say that he has no clue what he’s talking about, everything he says is wrong, and he’s destined for the fires of hell.

Sep 7 2016

You could have shortened that to ‘I’m Jony Ive, I’m a Cunt’ pretty much the same thing.

Sep 7 2016

I shouldn’t need a fucking adapter to plug my headphones into my phone. That’s not adding functionality, it’s adding complexity, and for no good fucking reason.

Aug 11 2016

I love how everyone just want everything all at once. The game has been out for 2 fucking days! Chill the fuck out.

Mar 21 2016

Yeah me too! I also enjoyed wearing the special Holy Ghost costumes with the pointy white hats. I sure do miss Kidz Krist Kamp!

Mar 18 2016

I feel like painting fake tunnels on brick walls is an acceptable way to filter out people who should not have a driver’s license. Every city should have at least 6 of these.