1/09/21 3:44PM

Well this is slightly patronising. We know what’s happening in the US, the reasoning behind it and the possible courses of action that can be taken. We can see news from BBC, CNN, Euronews, Reuters and less reputable sources like RT and TRTWorld so have a fairly balanced view of what’s happening.

1/09/21 2:29PM

I feel like every non-American I know always felt like this was on the table. If anything, they are more well versed in our flaws as a country than we are thanks to a non-white/rich/cis/misogynist-washed education system. Read more

1/09/21 5:35AM

Yes. As a European with mostly European friends, I can assure you that literally no one in my circle who has been paying any attention to American politics in the last 4 years was surprised by Wednesday events. Honestly, I don’t understand how, after kidnap the governor plot/MAGA bomber/neonazis hitting people with Read more

1/09/21 3:37AM

I’ve got an ongoing Whatsapp conversation going with a friend in Argentina and one in Germany. They have a fairly good grasp of what and where the problems come from here in The USA psyche. Read more

8/21/20 10:28AM

I think you’re right. I dated a guy from Vietnam for a while and he thought the smell of parmesan was disgusting. (To which I said, Really Mr. Fish Sauce?) The funky smells we grew up with are the ones we can tolerate in adulthood.

10/21/17 8:10PM

You get to appreciate the flavourful interestingness of Jager when you get home and vomit it up later, at which point it’s at a delightful body temperature, with notes of pizza slice.

9/21/17 10:38AM

I gotta say, people don’t get into law enforcement because they want to de-escalate situations.

8/17/17 4:54PM

You can drink your beer however you like. But if you’re afraid of foam and the accompanying improved taste, perhaps a nice Chardonnay is in order.

4/10/17 3:44PM

I have the Trump jackasses still making shit up to defend him. Like “Well, all politicians are the the same!” And I remind them that they voted for him because he wasn’t a “politician” and he was going to be “a change” and an “ass-kicker who was going to run the country like a business” , except I said “run it Read more

4/05/17 10:31AM

Ha! Lovely story - I am going to turn it into a romcom in my head, if you don’t mind, and I’ve initially paired you up with the handsomest, most successful of the brothers. But, plot twist, turns out he’s a bit of a douche, and you deserve so much more. In rides the ever so slightly less attractive (but still very Read more

3/17/17 3:32PM

Yes, good writing requires an understanding of what is, and is not, clear. It does not require mindless application of non-universal “rules.”

2/10/17 11:14AM

Hi, I’m Troy McClure. You may remember me from such elite career orientation videos as “So You Want To Run General Electric?” and “Orientation The Right Way: Welcome To the St. Louis Cardinals.”

Today we’ll learn together about the exciting world of being the President of the United States. First, welcome to the Oval

2/10/17 10:55AM

I know! There was no mention about how to correctly go about pouring champagne on playboy bunnies in the oval office. Or how you get the hot female staff to piss on the walls in order to get that black smell out of the white house.

2/01/17 11:53PM

My bladder is the size of a walnut, just reading that made me want to pee!