Mar 26 2019

Finding out Keanu Reeves is a genuinely nice guy makes the world seem slightly less shitty.

May 28 2018

This is terrible for this man and other people like him, but the problem isn’t with Uber, it’s that a medallion is $700k. This artificial economy has always been problematic. There are also issues with ride sharing, but the answer lies somewhere in the middle, not protecting this outdated system.

May 21 2018

Back in PR, I worked about 70 miles from home (other side of the island), so I had a small apartment I’d stay at close to work. There was a student who lived next door for a few months, and one day she showed up with a different car. Read more

Apr 20 2018

I don’t really understand why people buy new cars, but I’m glad they do, because if they didn’t, there wouldn’t be any used cars for people like us.

Apr 20 2018

Hahaha holy shit man! This is why I buy beaters. I just bought a perfectly serviceable 2005 Lincoln Town car for a thousand dollars. Yeah it needs a bunch of little cosmetic things but a thousand dollars doesn’t cover sales tax on a new base model Accent.

Apr 7 2018

A new believer, I see. My start was Bahrain last year, wherein... [SPOILERS DON’T SCROLL DOWN]

Mar 31 2018

I’m big on turbocharged cars so I tattooed a turbo on my arm. Pretty sweet right?

Mar 27 2018

Tom - I was the finance director at Bob Bell Chevrolet in Bel Air Md. for a few years in the early 2000's. A very young, uneducated couple with hourly wage income and beacon scores in the 500's wanted to buy a used Cavalier. At that time, the GMAC rep used to camp out in the sales tower underwriting applications on Read more

Mar 12 2018

When i read “heres my 2017" i was really hoping to see Texas plates and a busted tail light.

Feb 20 2018

Come on, you’re better than this! My wife and I play in a bowling league together and we’re not fucking.

Feb 20 2018

Barry, you prude, you’re acting like you’ve never stuffed a platonic friend’s muff in your face then transitioned her into a hurricarana in the name of competition before.