Dec 15 2013

There's only two builds of GIMP people need to know about. The official package from gimp.org and any one of Partha's stable builds from partha.com. Anything else is just causing headaches for yourself. A lot of the other builds come packaged with adware too. For me, it's about cost well as functionality.

Nov 26 2013

I'll be using AB's Brined Turkey method again this year. Don't fix what ain't broke.

Nov 10 2013

Still, fairly decent work. I found myself getting caught over at deviantart a while back when I was looking for VW Notches. I thought "wow, that's some quality restoration." then I saw it was filed under "renders."

Oct 25 2013

Not all weed smokers are chill motherfuckers if that's what you are insinuating.

Oct 8 2013

They ain't lost shit yet. It's keeping a roof over their heads and the mouths of their childrens fed.