Max Finkel
Max Finkel is a Weekend Contributor at Jalopnik.
3:05 PM

The Jaguar Mark X was long, low, and wide. It was the brand’s first attempt to build a car for the American market, and while the car never really was the success the Jaguar thought it would be over here, I still love it. It has the kind of presence you need to ferry important diplomats around. Or at least to park in

1:06 PM

The 2010 Ford Taurus was the official car of CES 2010. I suppose that meant that the car was meant to be seen as high-tech and ground-breaking in some way. That was bound to be a challenge for a reskinned Ford Five Hundred with a name from 1985. While cops liked it, the reborn Taurus was hardly a big seller and it

1:05 PM

Earlier this week, we at Jalopnik were discussing whether Oldsmobile built any cool cars besides the Toronado. Some were skeptical but I knew better. I knew the 1964 Ninety-Eight hardtop was good and cool. It had to be if it was allowed to drive right into this fancy party like this.