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4:53 PM

Journalists will be there and, if they’re worth a damn at all, they’ll be asking hard questions.” Read more

3:46 PM

Inb4 a bunch of incoherent screeching about how “I didn’t come here for politics” Read more

3:05 PM

The Lamborghini Estoque was what aston failed at with the Rapide. Between this and the Bugatti Galibier. 

11:11 AM

My family had two of these. a 1987 in baby poop brown which i christened the Aeroturd when it became my college car. The interior seats doing dual duty in the living room around the drinking tables. Mom replaced the Aeroturd with a 93 or 94 aerostar with an actual manual transmission. That remained in the family Read more

11:17 AM

This guy was (and is still) right up in that neighborhood. Parked about 2 blocks south of the street-parked Lambo.

12:34 AM

While I myself was a hitchkiker for around 4 years my favorite story Is when I picked up a hitchkiker. It was 2012 A few months earlier I had won 300k on a lottery ticket I decided to drive around the country. I bought a 2010 GMC Canyon with the 5.3 V8 and started hauling ass. Long story short. I picked up 2 Read more

10:18 PM

Having been in the Military in the 60's I did my share of hitchhiking but only two come to mind. My trip from Miramar Cal. to Fontana a ride from a black guy who may or may not have been a black panther but definitely a activist. Not a problem for me because i grew up in a mixed race neighborhood in NYC and Read more

7:38 PM

i regularly pick up hitch hikers. i travel the Midwest for the business i own and i figured ‘why not?’ as i hitched a lot in the 80s and early 90s so i can pay it forward. i have had all types get in the old CRV and i hear a lot of stories. the way it usually works out, i pick them up on an on ramp after asking them Read more

5:11 PM

I used to drift these in the winter whenever there was snow on the ground. The combination of sitting over the front wheels, and the vast majority of the weight (and length) being behind you made for a VERY weird feeling when the rear started coming around, lol.

12:51 PM

This isn’t particularly exciting or anything but it’s the only time I’ve hitchhiked. A couple years ago following a pretty successful test drive of new cams and carb my Lancia lost power (cue Italian reliability jokes, you’re very clever) in a part of the canyon with no cell service. I figured I would have to talk