14 Dollars The Hard Way
Aug 17 2017

Just as a reminder… These are not monuments honoring the dead. They are monuments erected after Plessy v Ferguson as a reminder to black people to stay in their lane.

Dec 8 2016

ex Vancouver Grizzly Blue Edwards lived a few blocks away from me growing up, but I had friends who lived on the same street as him. One night they woke up to the sound of Blue’s wife throwing his shit out of an upstairs window down to him on the driveway while yelling at him for cheating on her. Read more

Dec 8 2016

The first two sentences of this entry make me want to punch a child into the sun.

Dec 18 2015

Yes, that vision she had showed the hallway where Luke battled Vader, the only reason to see that would be the family connection. She’s his daughter alright, and the mother? alive... and possibly one of the Knights of Ren. Possibly more powerful then Kylo. Read more

Nov 14 2015

Good for NBA.com. At least they didn’t sweep it under the Asian-American rug.

Oct 6 2015

Disagree. Gold is a shade of yellow and therefore insensitive to Asians. Blue is insensitive to the hypoxic and to the Na’vi.

Sep 24 2015

yea, this part makes no sense. players salaries have nothing to do with salary cap games. i’m concerned so many of these dfs articles are written by people with a tenuous grasp of what is even going on.