14 Dollars The Hard Way
Nov 14 2015

Love hearing people try and diminish Honda’s accomplishments and skills. Just admit you don’t like watching girls fight brah.

Sep 23 2015

I think its just as “disgusting” as writing articles on a for profit website about college sports. Which is to say, not disgusting at all.

Jul 28 2015

Cool, I suggest you start a smart people fight organization where two people get into a ring and as a last resort they fight. Most fights could end with simply talking it out, or running out of the arena.

Nov 25 2014

Just purchased one, FYI it says the delivery will take 3-4 weeks so I assume someone is walking it to my house from China

Jul 11 2014

Love your writing Drew, you came off sounding like a huge faggety dildo here, but again I enjoy your writing