14 Dollars The Hard Way
11/14/15 3:45PM

Love hearing people try and diminish Honda’s accomplishments and skills. Just admit you don’t like watching girls fight brah.

9/23/15 2:24PM

I think its just as “disgusting” as writing articles on a for profit website about college sports. Which is to say, not disgusting at all.

7/28/15 10:50PM

Cool, I suggest you start a smart people fight organization where two people get into a ring and as a last resort they fight. Most fights could end with simply talking it out, or running out of the arena.

6/08/15 2:55PM

No Ski Big Air is kinda lame because the below is significantly more fun to watch than plain old aerials...

7/11/14 9:07PM

Love your writing Drew, you came off sounding like a huge faggety dildo here, but again I enjoy your writing