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I make videos for Kotaku. I make video games for myself and my friends. I like writing fiction. Someday I will publish a novel. Who knows!
3:26 AM

I don’t know why I watched this whole video, given that I preordered an Xbox One Elite Controller Series 2 within a minute of it appearing for preorder on the Microsoft Store — and given that, indeed, that controller is sitting across from me right now on the less-than-$180 coffee table in my apartment — but I did Read more

9:17 PM

I bough the original Elite controller on launch day because they advertised it as being completely customizable. Turns out that wasn’t exactly true. You couldn’t remap the thumbsticks so that you could swap them on a per axis basis, i.e. swap just the x or y axis on the the thumbsticks....which was the one thing I Read more

6:54 PM

If I buy this controller now will it work with the new Xbox? Scorpio or Xbox two? Whatever.

9:47 AM

BoF 6 was a mobile game.... It didn’t do well. 

3:06 PM

Loved following this series, thanks for making it! It’s made me see the value in a FF7 remake other than better graphicsif Square adds these kinds of nuances in the English version. Also I already liked Aeris, but you have definitely made me like her character much more than before.
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9:51 AM

This has to be one of the most excellent series of YouTube videos I’ve watched (and I’ve watched too many). I also enjoy obsessing over minutiae that many would deem “silly” but considering how huge this game is in the collective video game consciousness, I think any take on what the Japanese script was originally Read more

9:58 PM

I confess, the beginning of this video series was the first time I’d encountered you, and, given my own love of Final Fantasy VII and memories of the not-dissimilar anecdotes about how I came to discover the game and what the social sticking points turned out to be, I shortly thereafter got strapped in for what would Read more

3:45 PM

Sorry dudes. I can’t watch this as I don’t want to be spoiled. I can (and did) take PTO on Friday for this .... yes I am almost 40 and I took a day off for the release of a video game.

7:00 AM

But there are only like one or two Actual Samurai in that game at best. The rest are Ronin, Ninja, Wandering swordsmen, Fencers or some other non-Samurai fighter.

5:17 PM

Tim Rogers is the Dark Souls of video game journalists.

4:49 PM

I’d listen to Tim read 4000 comments out loud.   

4:33 PM

I can not praise this enough. Very awesome, thorough job here.  Great script, packed with knowledge & insight & diamond-edged wit.  Give this man a corner office!

6:48 PM

...So...I feel like we need expand our vocabulary when it comes to discussing videogames, because this article and subsequent comment section clearly communicates just how unclear the terminology some of use is. For example, I am certain most of us are able to distinguish between, “this is trash because it’s poorly

11:59 AM

Arnold does real-time licensing from a license server, so what this probably means is that a single machine doing a single frame lost connectivity to that server. It’s... a surprisingly common issue, and usually gets caught somewhere in QA. Either it got missed or they decided they didn’t have time to redo the scene.

4:09 PM

Gonna quibble on Susanne Blakeslee, because we’re nitpicking anyway:

For many characters, Disney employs people more or less equivalent to “official replacements”, i.e, a goto actor who reliably voices the character in all projects they couldn’t get the more expensive original actor to sign onto (and or, who has Read more

10:58 AM

My understanding is that Phil’s Japanese voice actor died, which is why he’s silent. They wanted to keep him in as a tribute, but didn’t want to get a new VA for the JP release.

2:30 PM

I think it’s a Nomura thing. He writes like a teenage boy that discovers a new “cool” idea like time travel or cloning or computer simulation every few months, then instead of writing a new story containing his latest favorite “cool” idea, he just crams every bit of it into Kingdom Hearts, retconning where necessary Read more