Tabletop Stories : My Luckiest Character Yet

My regular Saturday tabletop group had been in a slump as of late. We had had our fill of elves, dwarves, goblins and orcs, no matter how uniquely they were being interpreted or how rich the lore created for them was. Dragons? Absolutely sick to death of them. Riding them, fighting them, raising baby ones, it didn't… » 4/17/14 5:44pm Yesterday 5:44pm

Thoughts About Amazon Fire TV and Android Gaming

Why are so many companies gunning for your living room? I just finished taking a look at Amazon's Fire TV and it could be pretty cool in the future, but right now it isn't really a must-have device for your living room. The reason I say this is because most of its 100 launch titles are not meant for your TV screen. And … » 4/17/14 12:35pm Yesterday 12:35pm

Should culture come into play when understanding a game?

Often times when I'm awaiting a new game release I find myself scouring the internet for just about any information that I can come across. That was no different earlier this week when Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars was released on the PS Vita. During my internet search I came across a few articles… » 4/17/14 11:42am Yesterday 11:42am