TAY Game Night: November Nominations (Closed)

Now that I have your attention with Novi's wonderful Game Night picture, it's time to get the Game Night ball rolling once again, on schedule this time! Just like for October, I need you guys to nominate the games you want to play for next month! I will be accepting nominations until 7:00 PM EST on Saturday, October 25 » 10/25/14 1:00pm Yesterday 1:00pm

Kotaku and the Problem with Pushing a Feminist Agenda

I, much like many of you, frequent Kotaku as a credible place to find gaming news and reviews, as well as topics concerning gamer culture.

I, much like many of you, have also been privy to the whole "GamerGate" scandal and the fallout from it. Kotaku has not been shy in its support of women in gaming, and… » 10/24/14 11:57pm Friday 11:57pm

Never Give Up, Never Be Positive - Tim Allen After Quitting Coke

Zeb. If there's anything I've learned in my amount of time here is that most of these people can't be reasoned with, they won't admit they are wrong and, most of all, they will never apologize - maybe in ultra-rare circumstances. Hell, most will have you know I can be pretty negative, especially when I disagree with… » 10/24/14 11:12pm Friday 11:12pm

​Hidden Treats in… Costume Quest

Costume Quest is the pinnacle of Halloween gaming fun. It's not particularly scary and it's not filled with flesh-eating zombies, but it does have something I rarely see anymore: Halloween spirit. In any medium, there are very few tales that live up to that same kind of wide-eyed wonderment that we gave to Halloween… » 10/24/14 3:00pm Friday 3:00pm