Finally, Revealed at E3 2014 it was mentioned that a New Star Fox is being developed. With few experiencing and witnessing the tech demo, from whats been reported it's seems the development is still in it's planning stages. estimated to be fully developed by late 2015, not much else is shown in terms of their progress. » 3/29/15 3:42pm Yesterday 3:42pm

From the talented JonasDrawsStuff (whose Rocket Raccoon is my desktop wallpaper) by way of Reddit comes Star Fox in the style of classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Someone go back in time and make this happen. » 3/28/15 6:30pm Saturday 6:30pm

TAY's Most-Hyped Games of 2015

2014: A wonderful year full of fantastic titles. Everyone on TAY has been singing praises of their best of the year, and after so many great Best Of lists, so I didn't feel like I had much more to say regarding that. Instead I invite you to take a look forward to what will be another great year in gaming. With so many… » 12/29/14 8:00am 12/29/14 8:00am

My favorite racing game

I have a strange love (Strangelove?) of the original F-Zero for the Super Nintendo. You kids with your Forzas and your Mario Karts and your Sonic Drifts and your Diddy King Racings don't know what I'm talking about, do ya? I don't know what draws me to it. It's such a simple and honest game. No pretentions of physics… » 12/15/14 9:21pm 12/15/14 9:21pm

Eargasms: Starfox Assault's OST

Most of the soundtrack is as phoned in as the game itself, but dear God these gems make up for it. Nintendo always knows how to do an on-point soundtrack. » 12/12/14 11:38pm 12/12/14 11:38pm

A Real Gaming Unicorn

I found this on a CD-R today. For those who don't know, Starfox 2 was never released because the world's eyes could not handle another 3D game on the SNES. I do remember that my brother put this game on the school's computers when I was in 10th grade and it became something of a fad. The school's IT department is not… » 12/07/14 8:48pm 12/07/14 8:48pm

There's Much More Star Fox In Bayonetta 2 Than The Costume

Dressing Bayonetta up as a sexy vixen might do it for some, but hardcore Star Fox fans need a little more love. In a recently-revealed Bayonetta 2 Easter egg delivers all the Star Fox love. Don't want it spoiled? Stop reading now. » 9/28/14 5:00pm 9/28/14 5:00pm

The Wii U is set to have quite a 2015, if the delay bug doesn't bite. Nintendo of America tweeted a general release schedule for the Wii U's next year, and it includes everything from Star Fox to Zelda to crazy Miyamoto projects like Project Guard and Project Giant Robot. What do you think? » 9/01/14 5:38pm 9/01/14 5:38pm

What Nintendo's E3 Would Have Been Like In Tomodachi Life

Last week in my review, I described Tomodachi Life as "a bizarre, alternate universe where everybody had giant heads and spoke in ghostly robotic warbles." If that's not weird enough as it is (and it's already pretty weird), imagine a veritable chorus of Nintendo developers chirping and prancing about in Mii form to… » 6/25/14 6:30pm 6/25/14 6:30pm

New Star Fox Game Will Support Co-Op. You Pilot. I Shoot.

An optional co-op mode in the upcoming Wii U Star Fox game is going to let two players command one Arwing with one flying the ship and the other shooting from it. » 6/13/14 1:30pm 6/13/14 1:30pm

We Played Shigeru Miyamoto's New Star Fox Game

Nintendo's top game designer has cooked up an unusual way to play Star Fox on the Wii U, and he's hoping you'll all be able to play it some time next year. » 6/10/14 1:00pm 6/10/14 1:00pm

Star Fox Wii U Revival Leaks

According to a now-pulled interview on Time's website, there's a new Star Fox game in development for Wii U, being led by iconic Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto. » 6/10/14 11:18am 6/10/14 11:18am

Brace For Impact: Steel Diver Sub Wars 2.0 Is Here

A silent and deadly update has arrived today earlier on the eShop: Steel Diver Sub Wars is now officially 2.0. Besides tweaks, after the update you can count on a all new map plus a nice selection of all new submarines to purchase at the game's sub shop, including the single player campaign boss submarine! But that's… » 6/03/14 4:16pm 6/03/14 4:16pm

Here's Fox Mccloud and Falco from Star Fox, reimagined by artist Oscar Römer in a somewhat realistic way. Speaking of which, a new Star Fox game with a similar design would be pretty cool. » 3/19/14 8:30am 3/19/14 8:30am