Holy Crap! Spider-Man, Married With A Daughter?!

One of the stupidest storylines in the last decade has definitely been "One More Day," the Spider-Man story where Peter Parker traded his marriage (and unborn child) for the life of Aunt May. Even though the story was quietly shelved afterward and never referred to again, it was never reversed - Spider-Man is still… » 10/30/14 12:49pm Yesterday 12:49pm

One Year Since Returning to Anime, I'm Still Going

Just over one year ago, I returned to anime for the first time after swearing it off in 2008. One year since I started mashing my reviews all across TAY's front page. One year since I rediscovered how much I missed the singular imagination that animation is capable of conveying. Even so, I realize that there's even… » 10/28/14 6:18pm Tuesday 6:18pm