Cosplay in Jamaica is Pretty Damn Awesome

I'm wondering how many people know that here in Jamaica we have a thriving anime and cosplay subculture? Just really posting this to spread the word. Below is a video from Anime Nation 2014, our annual anime/cosplay event put on by the wonderful folks from JA Cosplayaz (group page on Facebook here, community page here » 9/12/14 7:58am 9/12/14 7:58am

A sneak peek at today's page of Science Team Tau

As I'm drawing today's page of Science Team Tau, I'm finally getting to introduce two of the minor characters I had the most fun coming up with: Bloboxx and Luís. Bloboxx is a slightly panicky alien with two mouths at the top of his head (give his voice an odd stereo quality) and Luís is from one of Earth's outer… » 9/09/14 6:29pm 9/09/14 6:29pm