Teen Fooled New York Magazine, Confirms Teen Dominance Worldwide

[UPDATE 12/16/14 9:22 a.m.]: As of late Monday evening, it was confirmed by the New York Observer that Mohammed Islam, alleged genius teen who had supposedly amassed $72 million by trading stocks, was actually a penniless liar who magnificently rolled everyone. "It's a total fiction?" Islam was asked. "Yes."… » 12/15/14 10:45am 12/15/14 10:45am

The Factors to Consider Beyond Salary When Evaluating a Job Offer

Once you have been offered a new job, you might assume the process is at an end. But is it really? Not all jobs are created equal, and the goal in getting a new job is (typically) to improve your situation. So job offers must be evaluated carefully to ensure that your goals, personal finance and otherwise, are being… » 12/12/14 5:30am 12/12/14 5:30am