Nürburgring 24 Driver Loses Wheel, Attempts To Repair It Himself

“This man is a legend.” A Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 driver at today’s 24 Hours Nürburgring lost a wheel and made a valiant effort to retrieve and repair it before giving in and allowing himself to be towed back to the pits. The commentary from Vodaphone’s broadcasters are priceless on this; the reason the driver was… » 5/16/15 3:34pm 5/16/15 3:34pm

Hero Pizza Guy Gets Stabbed and Carjacked During Delivery

UPDATE 2:45 p.m.: According to the San Antonio Express-News, Josh Lewis denies his boss’s version of events, saying the attacker stole his car with the pizzas in it and he did not complete his delivery. Our assessment of Lewis (who was stuck with “a huge dagger” in the line of duty) as a pizza hero stands. » 5/05/15 2:00am 5/05/15 2:00am

Origin Stories: Chris McDougall on the Greek Ideal of Heroism

When Christopher McDougall wrote his first book, Born to Run, he didn’t know what to expect. A hybrid travelogue, adventure story, cultural study, and self-help manual, it was a quirky, hard-to-classify book. He certainly didn’t expect it to become a best-seller that would inspire thousands of runners to throw away… » 4/22/15 1:19pm 4/22/15 1:19pm

Here's to the N.J. Councilwoman Who Flipped Double Birds at the Mayor

New Jersey, a state known for its equal number of local heroes, sheroes, and zeroes, has gained itself another member of the boss-applesauce community when a councilwoman from Mahwah flipped two middle fingers to the mayor of her town, calling him a "piece of shit" at a council meeting. Now that's how to get things… » 3/24/15 6:10pm 3/24/15 6:10pm

Patti Smith Continues to Work, Continues to Rule

In the catalog of People Who Inspire Us, few leave me quite as verklempt and in awe as Patti Smith, whose memoir Just Kids comforted me through my first year in New York and whose album Horses is one of my favorites of all time. But perhaps what's most amazing about her is her constant ability to continue to create… » 2/18/15 7:10pm 2/18/15 7:10pm

Heroes: Manoel Cândido Pinto de Oliveira

This guy started his film career as an actor in 1927 before he became a director in the 1930s. He might be the only person in film whose work has spanned from the silent era to the present day. The video above is him in 2008, when he was a wee lad of 99. He has been the oldest working director for almost 14 years.… » 2/15/15 5:50pm 2/15/15 5:50pm