ArenaNet Reveals Heart Of Thorns, The First Expansion For Guild Wars 2

The news Guild Wars 2 players have been eagerly awaiting for ages is finally here. ArenaNet has announced Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, and expansion pack that takes players deep into the heart of the Maguum Jungle armed with mastery abilities and a brand new profession — the Revenant. » 1/24/15 1:15pm 1/24/15 1:15pm

A Guild Wars 2 sitcom starring Tyria's famous band of heroes, Destiny's Edge? I guess that could work—they already take up a good chunk of the screentime in GW2's campaign, anyway. The pics are from a Friends intro mashup created by YouTuber and Guild Wars aficionado Levi. Watch it below. » 12/02/14 8:30am 12/02/14 8:30am

Guild Wars 2 Players Angry Over Currency Exchange Changes [Update]

Guild Wars 2 players have long enjoyed the ability to easily exchange gold for gems used to buy nifty cosmetic items in the game's Black Lion Trading Company store. Yesterday's game update changed all of that, and players are not happy. Update: ArenaNet has responded, and will be reinstating the ability to… » 10/22/14 4:30pm 10/22/14 4:30pm

They're Finally Fixing Guild Wars 2's Clunky Auction House

Since its launch two years ago, Guild Wars 2 has been using the same interface for its Trading Post. It worked, but good God was it clunky as hell to use, especially when you were trying to buy lots of different stuff at once. Thankfully, an upcoming patch will give the Trading Post a much-needed makeover. » 9/05/14 5:40am 9/05/14 5:40am

Fan Creates An Awesome Guild Wars 2 Mega-Trailer [UPDATE: One More]

Carl, who sent us the tip about the trailer, called this "the most incredible Guild Wars 2 video [he's] ever seen." Well, I can see where he's coming from. » 7/30/14 7:00am 7/30/14 7:00am

Now that's a random encounter with Winnie-the-Pooh. He traveled far from Ashdown Forest to Guild Wars 2's Heart of the Mist. Seems like he's buffed and ready for some PvP. Also, is that Tigger next to him in the second picture? » 7/25/14 8:30am 7/25/14 8:30am

Timelapses Make MMO Boss Fights Peaceful

Using roughly 20,000 Guild Wars 2 screenshots, YouTuber Quecc made a stunning timelapse video of various zones from the game, including chaotic world boss fights that just look peaceful when watching them from a distance. » 7/24/14 9:20am 7/24/14 9:20am

Guild Wars 2 Is Changing The Way Players Dress For Adventure

When the April 2014 Feature Pack for Guild Wars 2 drops next month, players are getting an account-wide wardrobe filled with every weapon and armor skin they've unlocked in the game. Then the dress-up parties begin. » 3/25/14 9:10am 3/25/14 9:10am

It's Finally Time To Take Down Guild Wars 2's Most Notorious Villain

This is Scarlet Briar, posing here next to her massive drill ship, currently tearing a gigantic hole in the harbor outside of one of Guild Wars 2's most important cities. Somebody should probably put a stop to that. » 3/04/14 12:13pm 3/04/14 12:13pm

"Something people forget is that we're already the fastest-selling MMO in history, so even if sales are declining a little bit, that's on the fastest selling MMO in history." Colin Johanson, game director of Guild Wars 2, sharing his opinion with Eurogamer about ArenaNet's declining sales figures. » 1/15/14 6:00am 1/15/14 6:00am

Video Game Taxi Surprises, Confuses Real Passengers

The guys behind Guild Wars II took some taxi cabs, decked their interiors out in fantasy livery, dressed the drivers up as game characters then set them loose to pick up actual passengers. » 11/27/13 12:00am 11/27/13 12:00am

Guild Wars 2's 16-Bit Wonderland Returns For World 2

The most fun I've had in Guild Wars 2 was back in April, when ArenaNet launched a homage to 16-bit adventure games called Super Adventure Box. Only open for a month, the game has been a depressingly high resolution place ever since. That all changes next week, when an expanded Super Adventure Box takes players back… » 8/27/13 9:00am 8/27/13 9:00am

Now that they've got regular content updates in the bag, ArenaNet hopes to bring more players to its subscription-free MMO Guild Wars 2 by lowering the cost of entry to $49.99 for the regular edition and $69.99 for the digital deluxe. Hooray, $10 off. » 5/21/13 11:30am 5/21/13 11:30am

Not content to simply create a fake 16-bit game to base their real 3D Guild Wars 2 April Fools' surprise on, ArenaNet has created a full playable version of Rytlock's Critter Rampage, and it's gleefully brutal. Play it here. » 4/19/13 6:24pm 4/19/13 6:24pm

This Fully-Playable 16-Bit Wonderland is Guild Wars 2's Idea of a Joke

Originally planned as a fake 8-bit update to celebrate April Fools' Day, Super Adventure Box grew into an expansive three-level homage to the golden age of gaming available to Guild Wars 2 players the length of April, because ArenaNet. » 3/31/13 7:00pm 3/31/13 7:00pm

Concept Art That Goes From Halo 4 To Guild Wars 2 And Back Again

Dave Bolton is a concept artist who has worked for 343 Studios, ArenaNet and Hourglass Studios. So we're about to get a look at some fantastic art from, among other things, Halo 4 and Guild Wars. » 3/01/13 1:00am 3/01/13 1:00am

Please, Help, I'm Relapsing And Posting More Guild Wars 2 Art

You'd think that the game being out, and out for a while now, would have stopped me lusting after the concept art behind Guild Wars 2, but nope. Not gonna happen. » 2/08/13 1:00am 2/08/13 1:00am