I love customizing my desktop. And I never thought I could do this ti my office computer as well. Mainly because of Admin rights are required for most of the customization. The most important tool that I used is the Portable version of Rainmeter. Man, I was tweaking my desktop for weeks after learning that. » 3/26/15 3:35am Thursday 3:35am

Desktop Showcase for Lifehacker

Corporate Background Tweaks

[edited: clock modified, and battery icon added] » 2/02/15 7:40am 2/02/15 7:40am

This isn't the sleekest and most beautiful desktop you'll find... by far!! But it sure is the best way I found to "like" the default corporate background we have!

Beneath the Mexican Sky...

Recently, I've been using my Macbook Air a lot more, and without realizing it, I ended up with this, to me it feels organic and looks beautiful. I used the following: » 2/01/15 4:52pm 2/01/15 4:52pm

Lovecraftian Sci-Fi Interface Desktop

I wanted to showcase the possibilities of having a cool desktop, while still having a Windows 7 operating system. There's not really just one theme that I was, or am, going for. I just appreciate a desktop that has an all-around balance of modern, sleek and intriguing. Here's what I used to make it: » 1/02/15 4:47pm 1/02/15 4:47pm


Hi, here's my desktop, which is running ubuntu 14.4. I love pokemon, and love pokemon anime by far more. Here's the link for the wallpaper, software and others i used to create this simple desktop... ;-) » 12/18/14 7:18am 12/18/14 7:18am

The Distraction Reducing Studious Desktop

I get easily distracted while studying and working and wanted to create a desktop that would minimize distraction and maximize my ability to work. » 11/18/14 11:59pm 11/18/14 11:59pm

The Rob Bourdon Desktop

I am a die-hard fan of Linkin Park and my fondness of their lead drummer, Rob Bourdon has ever so increased after the release of their new album, "The Hunting Party". So I just decide to play with this image of his and set-up my desktop around it. » 11/11/14 2:01pm 11/11/14 2:01pm

Manjaro Pyramid Desktop

So after a stint of 3-4 months on pure Arch I am back to Manjaro (it's a long story I don't want to talk about :) ) with Gnome-Shell (as per usual) and I am really loving Manjaro again. It's the stability, this distro just keeps improving. » 10/26/14 2:06pm 10/26/14 2:06pm